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Best Home Remedies To Prevent Frizzy Hairs

Taming frizzy hair can sometimes feel like the most impossible feat to achieve and for most women, this translates to bad hair days. You probably don’t know this but human hair is quite complicated mainly because it consists of thousands of cells and three layers. According to – the main reason your hair gets […]

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8 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Centipedes

While majority of centipedes exclusively live in the outdoors, there are some species that are some that live or venture inside especially during colder months. Centipedes usually inhabit damp areas such as under leaves, tree backs, boards, stones and mulch around plantings. So if they’re living around the foundation of your house, it’s possible for […]

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WHY BUY A Zojirushi Bread Maker?

People, especially those with many demands on time perceive a bread machine as an invaluable equipment, but by far, make Zojirushi bread maker your favorite machine. This is because bread baking is made as easy as pie with this incredible equipment. Here are some of the pros and cons of using it. Pros of Zojirushi […]

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Download this free marketing book!

Hey! Before it’s too late, I really need you to download and read this new book. I will say that in 2015, it’s one of my absolute favorite books (and it’s Free right now). Here’s why I recommend this book so highly. In 2015, I have made one major change to my overall business. This […]

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How to boost your organic traffic 15.1% in 2 weeks (new case study)

Hey, I’m SUPER excited for today’s case study. Here’s why: A few months back I get this email out of the blue from a Backlinko reader, Mike. He says: “Hey Brian, I have this client in an insanely boring industry (pest control). And I recently boosted his organic traffic by 15.15% in 2 weeks. Here’s […]

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[LIVE] Facebook #1 Secret – Last Chance

This is your absolutely LAST chance.  The training is happening tonight at 8 PM ET. It only takes 30 seconds, please save your seat IMMEDIATELY. We have well over 3,000 students registered to attend LIVE! Also – I’m going to be releasing something amazing today. I may not reveal that in the REPLAY. You’ll have […]

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Still NOT on Facebook?

Like a gift… The Internet Gods gave us the fastest and easiest way to grow ANY business — YOUR business… from startup to MILLIONS. Facebook. 😉 If you are among the minority who aren’t yet benefitting from this grand opportunity, it’s not your fault. You simply don’t yet know the proven secrets that give you […]

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Are you getting GREAT SEO results? If so, I want to pay you!

Are you getting GREAT SEO results? Do you have multiple examples of sites you’ve recently ranked in Google that you can provide? If so, I want to pay you for your knowledge! (If not, this email is not for you. But in the near future, you’ll benefit from it!) We want to demonstrate YOUR success […]

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Incredible Dream Machines ByGreg Jacobs & Tim Godfrey

My last (million dollar) launch was in 2012, and since that time I have been locked down, DEEP inside the crowdfunding industry. Eating it, sleeping it and breathing it.  Feeling my way around it,  getting to know the players, the trade and the tricks. In fact, my first crowdfunding campaign raised over $500K and we […]

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