8 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Centipedes

While majority of centipedes exclusively live in the outdoors, there are some species that are some that live or venture inside especially during colder months. Centipedes usually inhabit damp areas such as under leaves, tree backs, boards, stones and mulch around plantings. So if they’re living around the foundation of your house, it’s possible for them to wander inside.

Although they might be helpful in killing spiders and insects around the house, these creepy-crawlies contain venom in their bites which can be harmful hence they’re not elegant guests in your household. If you want to get rid of centipedes in your house, here are ten steps you can take.

1. Killing

Most people prefer this method since apart from fearing the centipede venom they also hate them as much. Killing is often considered the best way to get rid of centipedes since when you kill them; you get rid of them permanently. It is good thing centipedes do not invade our homes in large numbers hence once you spot one of them you can stomp on it or bug spray it then dump it outside.

2. Go Chemical extermination

There reaches a time when the natural remedies refuses to work and you are forced to go chemical. Most insecticides are temporary solutions but effective in killing them. Most garden solution store have insecticides. Through the help of sticky traps, you can be alerted of the heavy traffic areas where you need to spray.

If you only have a problem with the centipede, you can use an insecticide such as Drione in the places where the centipedes are hiding like behind cracks, crawling spaces and under the furniture. Keep in mind that centipedes often follow a moving prey and these are the high traffic areas hence they will definitely fall prey of this trap. However, as I have said, insecticides are only a temporary solution and are dangerous to useful insects such as honey bees. It is also wise not to use the insecticides for a long time.

3. Use sticky traps

Place these traps along the corners where centipedes often conduct their hunting and these traps will not only capture the centipede but also the insects in the house. This method is usually very effective given the fact it will also help to determine which other insect you need to eliminate to deprive the centipede of prey.

4. Put a barrier around the entire home

Think about creating a moat like barrier around all entrance into your home given the fact that centipedes often migrate from outside into the home. You can use either a chemical insecticide or natural insecticide to fulfill this task. In case they make it through the barrier; they will end up dying in the house. You can use organic pesticide containing cyhalothrin which does a great work with ants but will perform even much better with centipedes.

5 Keeping The Centipedes Away

Sometimes, you are only looking for ways to get rid of the centipede and not necessarily to kill them due to your own reasons. There are a number of methods available to ensure that you do not kill the centipede but you only prevent them from infesting your homes. Below are five such methods.

6. Get rid of small household pests

Just like most pests, centipedes will move in to where there is more food for them to feed. By getting rid of other pests, you will be creating a temporary famine for them and they will automatically move to look for food elsewhere. Ensure you have got rid of all pests in the house.

6. Close all entrance points into your home

When you seal these points, you will not only be stopping centipedes from invading your home but you will also be preventing pests from moving in which is one of the primary factors why centipedes move into our houses.. Seal all cracks in the foundation and concrete floors, eliminate all the spaces below the doors and around the windows and cover the basement floor drains with window screen.

7. Try Cayenne pepper

For a natural way to get rid of centipedes, try applying a thin layer of cayenne pepper at the entrance points of your home. This is both outside and inside your home. Ensure you keep your pets such as dogs and cats away from it.

8. Try to keep your home dry

As I had said, centipedes strive to stay in a most microhabitat. In case your house is not dump, they will run away since they are going to dry up in such an environment. Ensure you clean your basements, closets or any other damp areas in your house. Use a dehumidifier to do this. Place packets of silica in the dampest places around your home. Silica is a drying agent hence it absorbs moisture from the ground and air. You can find silica packets in new shoes.

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