WHY BUY A Zojirushi Bread Maker?

People, especially those with many demands on time perceive a bread machine as an invaluable equipment, but by far, make Zojirushi bread maker your favorite machine. This is because bread baking is made as easy as pie with this incredible equipment. Here are some of the pros and cons of using it.

Pros of Zojirushi Bread Machine

Most importantly, the machine enables you to knead the dough so as to come up with variety of shapes of your choice. This feature is desirable for artisan loaves. Also, your stand mixer will be saved from wear and tear.

The bread maker is also accompanied with an amazing recipe book that gives instructions for whole-wheat, basic, miscellaneous and sweet dough’s recipes such as jams, meatloaf and bread machine cake. You will therefore save money that would have been spent on a recipe book for a bread machine.

According to analysis performed by breadmachinemom.com Zojirushi BB-HAC10 bread maker has a countdown timer that lets you know the exact time your loaf of bread is going to take before it is ready. This means you are able to plan your repast ahead of time.

Zojirushi BB HAC10 Count Down Timer

It also has a delay start function that ensures flexibility which is a key in today’s hectic life. Imagine putting your ingredients into a machine then instruct it when your food should be ready! In this case, you can delay the starting time until when appropriate. You will therefore be able to prepare your food one day in advance provided the ingredients used will not spoil within the specified period and at room temperature. Be cautious not to use this feature if your ingredients include egg products and fresh milk but dry eggs and dry milk are fine.

The machine also has a feature that enables one to know the exact time to add mix-ins such as berries or nuts. Another feature lets you to check the dough’s consistency while it is kneading. Different crust settings allow for customization of the crust e.g. making it crunchy or brown. Keep-warm feature leaves the bread warm and fresh at any time without heating up the whole kitchen.

Cons of Zojirushi Breadmaker

Nevertheless, there are some weaknesses associated with the machine. The obvious one is that it is slightly expensive. However, the advanced features described above are enough to accept that the price is worth its value. 1 lb Zojirushi machine goes for about 190 USD while the 2 lb one retails for about 250 USD.

Though not terrible, the browning of the bread is a bit uneven when this machine is used. This may not be desirable particularly to those who are planning to gift their loaves to others.

If the delay start feature is used, you have to leave the machine’s kneading hooks. This causes holes to develop in the bottom side of the loaf. Again, this may not be a problem for you but for others, it might be.


Generally, if you can afford this machine, then make it your priority for home baking forays because it is easy to use, efficient, versatile and more importantly the design is intuitive. It is indeed the home maker’s best bread machine available in the market.

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