Are you getting GREAT SEO results? If so, I want to pay you!

Are you getting GREAT SEO results? Do you have multiple examples of sites you’ve recently ranked in Google that you can provide?

If so, I want to pay you for your knowledge!
(If not, this email is not for you. But in the near future, you’ll benefit from it!)

We want to demonstrate YOUR success rather than always just showing off our own!

If we can can show my subscribers multiple people getting great results, they’re more likely to take action and get results for themselves, which is my goal!

This is what I want to do, Jack:

1. Find a handful of my own subscribers (that’s you!) who are just killing it with SEO. I’m not looking for anyone who has gotten a ranking here or there. I’m only looking for those who can get sites ranked at will!

2. Put some killer training together that ANYONE can put into action. Real simple to follow, yet real powerful, training.

3. Offer that training to my entire list and share the profits with the SEO experts who helped build the training.

It’s a win/win/win! My subscribers win because they get access to the best SEO training on the market. Training that is unbiased, proven and effective. The SEO experts win because they get money in their pocket from the promo! I win because I get to help my subscribers succeed online, which is my primary goal!

So Jack, if you are killing it with SEO and you can provide undeniable proof of that, then I want to hear from you right now!

Just email Josh at josh[at] and tell him why you should be considered. We will decide the experts based solely on PROOF of rankings, so provide URL’s and keywords and lots of them.

The more proof you can provide, the better. Those who provide the most proof are the ones who will be chosen.

If you are chosen, you’ll be glad you were. I can promise you that.

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