Best Home Remedies To Prevent Frizzy Hairs

Taming frizzy hair can sometimes feel like the most impossible feat to achieve and for most women, this translates to bad hair days. You probably don’t know this but human hair is quite complicated mainly because it consists of thousands of cells and three layers.

get rid of frizzy hairs

According to – the main reason your hair gets frizzy is simply because the outer layer – which is referred to as the cuticle in medical realms — resembles a dry shingled roof.

The causes of a dry cuticle can be pegged to a plethora of circumstances such as changes in humidity levels more so in the summer when the levels hit the roof, or even cold weather.

With that said, taming your frizzy fly-aways need not be a daunting affair. All you need are some essential tips to turn that frizz into silky, bouncing hair. However, they say that prevention is better cure and it would be of paramount importance to first delve in to some preventive tips, before looking at how defrizz.

How Can I Prevent Frizz, You Ask?

Ten Remedies to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Days:

If you often wake up to frizzy fly-aways, then chances are there are a few things you may not be doing right. To avoid staying in a committed relationship with frizz, here are some essential steps you should always have at your fingertips.

1. Letting the Natural Oils Do Their Thing — it is not a bad thing to wash your hair often, but overdoing this can cause some damage. Health experts reveal that washing the hair more than two or three times a week can wash away its natural oils, making it drier than an arid setting.

If you are among the lucky few that have naturally oily hair, then it would be in your best interest to make good use of a dry shampoo, so as to extend the time in between washes. Note that your hair’s natural oils help it hydrate and nourish meaning it is basically the key to silky, shiny hair.

2. All in the Technique — how you wash your hair will essentially determine how it stays thereafter. Hair stylists reveal that most women have a damaging washing technique that usually ends in a frizzy affair.

The proper way to wash the hair is by simply shampooing it using your fingertips as you adopt a massage motion to the scalp. Doing so, will not only wash away any environmental debris and used styling products, but also leave the dry mid shaft at your hair’s ends in a good condition free from dehydration.

3. What to look for in your Hair Products — rehydrating your hair is the simple objective here, and what better way to achieve this than using supercharged conditioners? Now that you know this, try swapping the conditioner you have for a quality nourishing hair mask and note the difference. While in the shower, leave the super-nourishing mask on as you wash for it to penetrate optimally.

Also, get rid of the inefficient shampoos you have and go for a sulfate-free shampoo while at it As a matter of fact, sulfates will only dry up your hair strands and in the process, allowing it to soak up humidity like a sponge in water. Aim for shampoos rich in glycerin instead, as it is known to lock-in the essential moisture in your hair without letting-in any outdoor humid moisture.

4. Comb Dry Hair at your Own Peril! — this is a fact repeated by almost every hair stylist but just in case you missed out, avoid brushing your hair after it dries. Doing so will not only stretch your hair hence leading to breakage, but also disrupts the cuticle in a big way. Simply dry your hair using a towel, prior to finger-combing or brushing it immediately.

Next, apply a touch of conditioner and resist the urge to style the hair using a comb or brush. How then are you supposed to comb your dry hair on a brisk day? The root cause of frizz is dehydration and water should naturally be your instant response. Simply wet your hands and then embark on finger-combing your hair to tackle the tangles and tame the frizz.

5. To Blow-Dry or Not? — this is a controversial debate that has been going on ever since styling hair became a mandatory aspect of a woman’s day-to-day life. However weird it may sound, blow-drying your hair after washes rather than letting it dry naturally may just be the solution you need to keep frizz at bay.

Letting it dry naturally, will only let it soak the humidity and expand, while on the flip-side, blow-drying will smoothen and close your cuticle. However, avoid high-heat settings as this will lead to swelled-up cuticles.

6. Hair Oils are a Must-Have — hydrating hair is not easy, but this was before the spray versions of hair oils hit the market. Indeed, oil is probably your safest bet in taming frizzy hair as it penetrates deep into the follicles for optimal hydration and smoothening.

In fact, hair oil sprays come in handy in numerous ways in that you can use it on dry hair as a styling agent, or as an after-shampoo treatment on wet hair after washes.

7. The Ideal Bedtime Accessory — this may sound a little strange but silk can come in handy in taming frizz. In fact, Marilyn Monroe wrapped up her hair in a silk scarf to keep her tresses glossy and soft.

Since then, this has become a common beauty ritual followed by women to help prevent hair from static and friction which are known to promote frizz. If all you want to do is jump into bed without delving on time-consuming rituals, then simply upgrade to a silk version and you’re good to go.

8. Mind Your Brush — it is common to find most women using hard-bristled brushes to comb or style their hair and this could be why they remain in a committed relationship with frizz.

Fortunately, there are custom-made brushes designed to tame dry hair. Their bristles are kind on hair and adopt more of a massage technique on the scalp. While using the custom-made brushes such as the Mason Pearson, brush from the tip going up as you hold the roots to deter friction.

9. Using a Diffuser — blow-drying your hair to dry it, can help tame frizz as we have seen but sometimes, the air from your dryer comes out with a certain forcefulness that moves the hair more than it should. To tackle this, simply pop in a diffuser to mute the oomph during drying and thus reducing frizz.

10. Expert Measures — if all the above fail (of which it’s highly unlikely they will), it would then be in your best interest to book an appointment with an expert, for a thorough salon treatment.

A hairomatherapy treatment for instance, can be compared to a facial version of your hair. Here, your hair will be treated using aromatherapy hair oil agents, steaming and massages specifically designed to fix frizzy hair instantly. Some of these treatments are highly effective and can be used to stop frizzy hair for up to three months.

The Best Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair:

Sometimes, dealing with frizz can be an expensive affair, — silk pillowcases and salon treatments don’t come cheap — but this need not be the case. Regardless of how often you suffer from the headache, you can use simple, easy-to-source ingredients from the comfort of your kitchen for natural remediation.

Below are some effective home-made measures you can use to tame frizzy hair.

– Using Coconut Oil — coconut oil is one of the best natural home remedies for frizz owed to its distinct ability to hydrate the hair in optimal fashion. For the treatment, simply wash your hair with a quality shampoo then squeeze out any excess water prior to applying a touch of conditioner and letting it rest for five minutes. Next, brush the hair lightly using a soft-bristled comb to get rid of the tangles and then apply the coconut oil onto the comb. Brush through the damp hair carefully to ensure that you reach all the ends and voila!

– Carbonated Water? — One of the most commonly used anti-frizz home agents is carbonated water and in particular, soda water or club soda. This can be attributed to the fact that it is not only a cheap solution, but very effective as well Basically, the water contains low pH levels that can be used to fight frizz especially that emanating from humidity.

For the treatment, wash your hair using a shampoo and then rinse your hair using the carbonated water. Make it a regular beauty ritual for faster and long-lasting results.

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8 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Centipedes

While majority of centipedes exclusively live in the outdoors, there are some species that are some that live or venture inside especially during colder months. Centipedes usually inhabit damp areas such as under leaves, tree backs, boards, stones and mulch around plantings. So if they’re living around the foundation of your house, it’s possible for them to wander inside.

Although they might be helpful in killing spiders and insects around the house, these creepy-crawlies contain venom in their bites which can be harmful hence they’re not elegant guests in your household. If you want to get rid of centipedes in your house, here are ten steps you can take.

1. Killing

Most people prefer this method since apart from fearing the centipede venom they also hate them as much. Killing is often considered the best way to get rid of centipedes since when you kill them; you get rid of them permanently. It is good thing centipedes do not invade our homes in large numbers hence once you spot one of them you can stomp on it or bug spray it then dump it outside.

2. Go Chemical extermination

There reaches a time when the natural remedies refuses to work and you are forced to go chemical. Most insecticides are temporary solutions but effective in killing them. Most garden solution store have insecticides. Through the help of sticky traps, you can be alerted of the heavy traffic areas where you need to spray.

If you only have a problem with the centipede, you can use an insecticide such as Drione in the places where the centipedes are hiding like behind cracks, crawling spaces and under the furniture. Keep in mind that centipedes often follow a moving prey and these are the high traffic areas hence they will definitely fall prey of this trap. However, as I have said, insecticides are only a temporary solution and are dangerous to useful insects such as honey bees. It is also wise not to use the insecticides for a long time.

3. Use sticky traps

Place these traps along the corners where centipedes often conduct their hunting and these traps will not only capture the centipede but also the insects in the house. This method is usually very effective given the fact it will also help to determine which other insect you need to eliminate to deprive the centipede of prey.

4. Put a barrier around the entire home

Think about creating a moat like barrier around all entrance into your home given the fact that centipedes often migrate from outside into the home. You can use either a chemical insecticide or natural insecticide to fulfill this task. In case they make it through the barrier; they will end up dying in the house. You can use organic pesticide containing cyhalothrin which does a great work with ants but will perform even much better with centipedes.

5 Keeping The Centipedes Away

Sometimes, you are only looking for ways to get rid of the centipede and not necessarily to kill them due to your own reasons. There are a number of methods available to ensure that you do not kill the centipede but you only prevent them from infesting your homes. Below are five such methods.

6. Get rid of small household pests

Just like most pests, centipedes will move in to where there is more food for them to feed. By getting rid of other pests, you will be creating a temporary famine for them and they will automatically move to look for food elsewhere. Ensure you have got rid of all pests in the house.

6. Close all entrance points into your home

When you seal these points, you will not only be stopping centipedes from invading your home but you will also be preventing pests from moving in which is one of the primary factors why centipedes move into our houses.. Seal all cracks in the foundation and concrete floors, eliminate all the spaces below the doors and around the windows and cover the basement floor drains with window screen.

7. Try Cayenne pepper

For a natural way to get rid of centipedes, try applying a thin layer of cayenne pepper at the entrance points of your home. This is both outside and inside your home. Ensure you keep your pets such as dogs and cats away from it.

8. Try to keep your home dry

As I had said, centipedes strive to stay in a most microhabitat. In case your house is not dump, they will run away since they are going to dry up in such an environment. Ensure you clean your basements, closets or any other damp areas in your house. Use a dehumidifier to do this. Place packets of silica in the dampest places around your home. Silica is a drying agent hence it absorbs moisture from the ground and air. You can find silica packets in new shoes.

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WHY BUY A Zojirushi Bread Maker?

People, especially those with many demands on time perceive a bread machine as an invaluable equipment, but by far, make Zojirushi bread maker your favorite machine. This is because bread baking is made as easy as pie with this incredible equipment. Here are some of the pros and cons of using it.

Pros of Zojirushi Bread Machine

Most importantly, the machine enables you to knead the dough so as to come up with variety of shapes of your choice. This feature is desirable for artisan loaves. Also, your stand mixer will be saved from wear and tear.

The bread maker is also accompanied with an amazing recipe book that gives instructions for whole-wheat, basic, miscellaneous and sweet dough’s recipes such as jams, meatloaf and bread machine cake. You will therefore save money that would have been spent on a recipe book for a bread machine.

According to analysis performed by Zojirushi BB-HAC10 bread maker has a countdown timer that lets you know the exact time your loaf of bread is going to take before it is ready. This means you are able to plan your repast ahead of time.

Zojirushi BB HAC10 Count Down Timer

It also has a delay start function that ensures flexibility which is a key in today’s hectic life. Imagine putting your ingredients into a machine then instruct it when your food should be ready! In this case, you can delay the starting time until when appropriate. You will therefore be able to prepare your food one day in advance provided the ingredients used will not spoil within the specified period and at room temperature. Be cautious not to use this feature if your ingredients include egg products and fresh milk but dry eggs and dry milk are fine.

The machine also has a feature that enables one to know the exact time to add mix-ins such as berries or nuts. Another feature lets you to check the dough’s consistency while it is kneading. Different crust settings allow for customization of the crust e.g. making it crunchy or brown. Keep-warm feature leaves the bread warm and fresh at any time without heating up the whole kitchen.

Cons of Zojirushi Breadmaker

Nevertheless, there are some weaknesses associated with the machine. The obvious one is that it is slightly expensive. However, the advanced features described above are enough to accept that the price is worth its value. 1 lb Zojirushi machine goes for about 190 USD while the 2 lb one retails for about 250 USD.

Though not terrible, the browning of the bread is a bit uneven when this machine is used. This may not be desirable particularly to those who are planning to gift their loaves to others.

If the delay start feature is used, you have to leave the machine’s kneading hooks. This causes holes to develop in the bottom side of the loaf. Again, this may not be a problem for you but for others, it might be.


Generally, if you can afford this machine, then make it your priority for home baking forays because it is easy to use, efficient, versatile and more importantly the design is intuitive. It is indeed the home maker’s best bread machine available in the market.

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